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PG SLOT or another full name is POCKET GAMES SOFT, the newest slot game camp that 123GOAL has selected for you to join in the fun for you here. Hot new game camp Now I have to give PG SLOT campin both beautiful graphics and a more spectacular sound than other camps. Including all new games That the developers have developed to make a difference than other slot games, a unique camp. And the developer has modified the playing part from ordinary slot games Given in the form of a puzzle game to the style of play is like a general slot game. But the game's theme is completely different.

Which is a very hot game that guarantees that slot players around the world tend to pay great attention to this camp, with an overwhelming review of the game in the camp In this era is the famous camp PG SLOT then attracts enthusiasts of the genre puzzle game enthusiasts on by app function that turns a player slot length because of the way we leave the camp, the game came out. Then people pay a lot of attention for this label, 123GOAL is ready to provide PG SLOT game camp 24 hours a day and continuous game updates from the camp. Challenge you to try the fun without stopping.

PG SLOT slot game system

The game system is developed continuously by a team of foreigners who have experience in making various kinds of games. That are reliable and have expertise in the system in particular So I want everyone to be confident in the safety of the system. When logging into the game, you will not be asked to access personal information on your phone. Online game in mobile format That does not have to load the application, access via the play page immediately There are more than 50 games to choose from, plus there are many promotions every season for members who have subscribed to 123GOAL so that you can enjoy the most and full without limits.

Entrance to play 123GOAL's slot games

By the way to play more easily, do not have to go through the application because 123GOAL has developed the entrance to play slots games that come in the form of applications that can be accessed from LINE or website immediately Ready for you to join in the fun easier No hassle, both in terms of membership and in the play that answers the needs of everyone who likes to play online slots .

To add more fun to playing games than ever before, 123GOAL will introduce games that people pay much attention to. And it is not overwhelming to play as a way to play for beginners who have come to play with the camp of PG SLOT because there are many games in this camp

PG SLOT: Plushie Frenzy

PG SLOT The game concept “Plushie Frenza” is based on the Claw Crane machine, during the ICE event in London during the three-day event. With participants The number was very overwhelming and caused a panic to the people who attended the event. It is the inspiration for the game designers of PG SLOT to create this game and develop it continuously until the game is complete. With a large, cute and limited pile of dolls All arranged in a crane cabinet Will make it more attractive to insert coins To try their luck in getting dolls to get them home It depends on your luck and skill in using a crane to pull the doll up.

Each doll in the slot game is unique in its own way. And a very special doll that catches the eye Because when the unique appears, there will definitely be luck for you players. There is only one chance to win a grand prize, while others. It may take approximately two to three tries. Opportunities, perhaps not always. This is the charm of this camp's claw game. But there are also different types of dolls that will give you different rewards. If you deal with a very rare unicorn doll, it will give you huge rewards. With a symbol called "Wild" In addition to this symbol, there will be a "three scatter" will be a bonus game mode will be activated for the accumulated free spins spins.

Claw-doll game, new style slot game That are becoming very prominent in this era It is also easy to play, easy to understand, suitable for both beginners and old people. PG SLOT has collected many slot games in the world's leading casinos. Come collect in one website, 123GOAL, fun games, easy to play, give out luck every day, guaranteed wealth on this website.

With automatic receiver, not complicated, easy to play The only place in Thailand, can play through the website at all without having to download the application. Support both IOS and Android devices including slot games. That comes in the form of a cartoon slot, beautiful graphics, beautiful underneath, no jerk, like playing a slot machine located in a real casino

Cute dolls of the PG SLOT camp game camp

Super cute doll It is a 5-reel, 3-row slot with symbol futures, allegory with the words Wild and Scatter that award free spins. And a chance to randomly to start the bonus game with a repeat spin. Get the odds in bets from 1 - 10 and the bet size ranges from 0.01 - 1.00 ever, with Wild symbols replacing all symbols that appear. Except for the Scatter symbol, it will only appear in fields 2, 3, 4.

Features of a soft repeat rotation, clinging game doll

Soft repeat feature This will activate randomly on any spin. With no winnings or no Scatter symbol during the feature In that soft repeat rotation Of one play will be selected and the reels can be replaced with the selected play. The reels will repeat the spin with our selected play that is positioned on the reels. And in the repetition it ends when no symbol appears on the shaft.

For each selection symbol that will appear Will receive a reward of 30% of the bet. After repeated rotation All winning lines with the selected play symbol will be paid out during the re-spin. All symbols, including the Scatter and Wilds, are not included in the Soft Repeat feature during free spins.

Rainbow unicorn bonus

During the soft spin bonus play there is a chance that we will get a unicorn doll. Will be picked up When unicorns are selected, 3 slots will change to Wild, with two random "Wilds added to slots and all available winnings will be awarded.

The bonus must have 3 Scatter symbols appearing on the reels position. 2. 3. 4 will start the bonus and will receive 10 free spins at the start of the bonus. During the bonus run, 3 rare toys will be selected. All symbols will be replaced with the Wild symbol during free spins, no Wild symbol will appear on the reels. The free spins will begin immediately after selecting a toy. The bonus can be started repeatedly.

5 interesting games of PG SLOT game

The game fork doll Plushie Frenzy and we recommend 5 more games to play at the Camp PG SLOT 123GOAL were randomly chosen members are deciding games of this camp. Every game introduced is unique. But we definitely guarantee fun and enjoyment We will introduce the top 5 games to play. New online casinos Hot new website


Mr.Hallow-Win is a game that comes in the form of a Halloween theme that gives another thrill, another game that has beautiful graphics, another game, and people are very popular in the game itself. A 5-reel, 4-line slot featuring the Wild wildcard feature, with a haunting mini feature that substitutes the symbol for winning prizes.

Santa's Gift Rush, a special gift from Santa.

Santa's Gift Rish, a special gift from Santa. When it comes to Christmas and gifts, many people will think of Santa, if it comes in Santa form, it must come with a special ripe gift. In this slot game, this game comes in a 5 reels, 3 rows with a special symbolic gift that can award 3 types of bonus features. When you get the “Gift Rush” symbol, the reels on the main game reels reveal the Elf feature, Santa feature, or Coin feature. There will be different multiplications ranging from x2 x4 x5 of the wagered amount and the prize is returned.

Hood vs Wolf

Hood vs Wolf Little Wolf clash. It's a 5-reel, 3-row slot game with fighting features That comes in the form of a mini pao chub And two different bonus features: the Wolf feature and Little Red Riding Hood feature. There is a game that comes in a stacked game format with beautiful graphics that look fun and enjoyable, making it another game that will be fun to play in PG SLOT's game camp.

The Great Icescape

The Great Icescape Pain escape through the ice. A cute slot game with a penguin in action, the 5-reel, 5-reel slot game features repeat and bonus spins with multipliers. If one prize is won Will be rotated repeatedly And the ice blocks that appear at first will constantly open. When that block of ice is destroyed Bonus spin feature will start with 1 extra life and a x2 as well.

Hip Hop Panda Hip Hop Panda

Hip Hop Panda The Hip Hop Panda Panda slots game has a combo play and free spin symbol that rewards free spins with ever increasing bonus multipliers. Probably one of PG SOLT 's eye-catching games , in which every hitting 3 or more symbols touches each other wins a prize and makes it explode and fall in layers.

And the winning symbol Will be merged until no more points are awarded. And yet there's even more excitement: every spin of the main game 5 different randomly chosen symbols will appear on the reels to multiply the bonus. And will multiply continuously Until the symbols are gone Which the multiplication is high is x50

By the popular PG SLOT game camp has included for you on 123GOAL website with complete services. Whether it is football betting , baccarat , slots , that use just one limit. Can be able to play with everything Without having to sway money back and forth difficult With a full service 24 hours. Auto deposit - withdrawal, just one click. And there is also a system to make money easy, just share is the system Get property link Apply for free, no charge, no ask, get USER fast, only here.


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